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Worship Service Sundays at 10:30 am

Meet Our Staff

Sweis Ubels - Pastor

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Sweis immigrated to Alberta, Canada to be the farmer he always wanted to be. In 2000 he received what he perceived to be a call into pastoral ministry. After some hesitation, he sold the farm and began studies at Prairie Bible College in Three Hills, Alberta.
He pastored Manor Gospel Church, near Three Hills, for 9 years. Then, in 2011 he, together with his wife Caroline and their two youngest daughters, moved to Middleton.

Sweis is passionate about the Church, about the Church being a light in the community, and about the people of God being changed into the image of their Creator while using their God-given abilities to serve their King!

Sweis loves to bike around town, visiting over a cup of coffee, exploring lakes and rivers in a kayak, and finding geocaches.  And, he is thrilled to be a grandparent to 5 grandkids!

Kyla Whalen- Ministry Assistant

A native Nova Scotian, presently resides with her family in the town of Paradise in beautiful Annapolis Valley. The Lord called Kyla out of the automotive industry into the position of Ministry Assistant at Emmanuel Church in 2019. Kyla considers this position a ministry, but even more importantly, a life style utilizing her strengths and providing her opportunity for continual growth.

Being gifted in the areas of encouragement and counselling, Kyla is passionate about seeing people experience the same healing and freedom in Christ that she has found. Having battled through many personal obstacles, she knows first hand the love of the Father and His healing touch. Kyla is confident that the Lord works in and through every situation which enables her to help those who are struggling. Kyla loves people of all ages and is determined that everyone she encounters knows their worth in Christ; that they belong, have purpose, and are His beloved.

Worship is a very high priority in Kyla’s life. Her passion for worship is expressed through music, dance, art, prayer, and in every personal interaction with the people she encounters. Kyla has many interests and loves — her family being at the top of that list. In her “leisure” time she enjoys being a student at Acadia Divinity College, which has enabled her to expand her biblical and theological understanding. Other interests Kyla has are; nurturing her many animals, being in creation, bird watching, gardening, and hiking. Kyla loves life and this love shines through every activity and she is a true blessing to Emmanuel’s church family.