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Worship Service Sundays: 10:30 am


Put simply, the Gospel is God’s amazing Rescue Plan for sinful humanity. Through Jesus, God did what we are incapable of doing: rescuing ourselves from the devastating effects of sin. The good news of the Gospel is that through faith in Christ, we are rescued to a sweeping and far-reaching new reality.

This year we will be unpacking how the Gospel Rescues and Redeems, to provide a new reality in a powerful way. The Rescue gives our youth a comprehensive and transformative view of exactly what the Gospel is, how it radically changes their lives, and how their lives will, in turn, be used to change the world. The Rescue gives our youth a rich, in-depth view of the Gospel and its impact that many of them have never seen before.

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Waivers & Conditions:

Precautions will be taken for the safety and health of your child, but in the event of an accident or sickness, Emmanuel Congregational Christian Church, their staff and volunteers are hereby released from any loss, personal injury, or damage to the named participant on this form or his/her property. In the event that your child requires medication, x-rays or treatment, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. *Your child must be covered by Provincial Health Insurance or equivalent medical insurance.

As part of 3:6Teens you'll get to enjoy just being yourself, come as you are, be silly, funny and/or serious.  You'll make friendships, find support and learn just how amazing the love of God is.


We LOVE to play games!!

Nerf Wars           Gaga Ball            Hide N' Seek in the Dark

                    lots of fun competitions!!

(Who can stick the most marshmallows to the pudding covered leader??? LOL!!)


Another aspect of this group is we get to get out!

We thrive to get together and do something fun...skating, hiking, movie nights, Youth Conferences, etc...

We also will be getting out into the community, we want to make a difference in the lives that surround us, as well as instill the servant love of JESUS. We will be volunteering throughout the community as well as fund raising for many different efforts.

HINT: If the pudding can be applied to a larger area (one lacking hair) then you can attach more marshmallows...LOL!!!

Grades 6- 12

Please register below and become a member of 3:6Teens! We are excited to have you with us and look forward to all of the fun we are definitely going to have!

Our Crazy Leaders

Janet, Kyla, Chris and Darcy

We are finished Youth Group for the Summer!

Throughout the summer we hope to be able to plan some things, when/if we can we will contact you directly!

We are so very proud of you all!

This truly has been challenging and We just would like to acknowledge that you truly are doing great! Thank you for being you and for showing Christ's love!

Have an amazing summer, have fun, be safe and remember to keep in God's word. We miss you!