Worship Service Sundays: 10:30 am

April 17-18

Presented by Emmanuel Church

Hosted by Middleton Baptist Church

Christ came to set us free; to make it possible for us to be redeemed; to make an 'abundant life' possible again.  In Christ, people can be a new creation!

The reality, however, is that our lives often do not reflect this new creation very well.  We find ourselves 'stuck' in old patterns of living and wishing for better.  The 'baggage we carry' seems to keep us from experiencing the freedom Christ came to bring.

At the Set Free Retreat, you will learn about both the Devil's strategies (aimed to rob you of your God-given joy and fulfillment), and the weapons we can fight him with!  Weapons like confession, deliverance, forgiveness and inner healing.

Just a note regarding 'realistic expectations'.... , this retreat is not like a 'cruise' - a time of relaxation and rest.  Rather, it is a time of intense teaching and practicing the things you learn.  So, come prepared not to evaluate the teaching and merely increase your knowledge, but come willing to participate in pursuing the freedom that God has for us!

Not sure whether this retreat 'is for you'? 

Read Joanne MacGregor's blogpost of 4 considerations and 4 great stories


Listen to several testimonies shared at Emmanuel during a worship service in November 2019

Tentative Schedule:

5:30pm Arrival and Registration
6:00pm Worship
6:15pm Introductions
6:30pm Session ONE: Spiritual Warfare
7:30pm BREAK
7:40pm Session TWO: Destructive Habits, Attitudes and Actions
8:30pm Triads

8:45am   Arrive
9:00am   Worship
9:15am   Session THREE: Impure to Pure 


10:00am BREAK

10:30am Session FOUR: The Cross
11:30am Worship
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00pm   Session FIVE: From a Divided to a Single Heart


2:15pm   BREAK
2:30pm   Session SIX: Inner Healing

4:45pm   SUPPER
5:45pm   Session SEVEN: Holy Spirit
6:15pm   Worship & Holy Spirit Practicum
6:45pm   Appreciation


 $25 / registration


Registration can be done online (see form below) or in person at the Middleton Baptist Church office (9 am - 1 pm Tuesday-Friday).  Please note, your registration will be finalized when payment has been received.  You can pay with cash, cheque (make cheque out to Middleton Baptist Church) with 'Set Free Retreat' in the memo line) or e-transfer to middletonbaptist@gmail.com  (Password: MBC) Be sure to include 'Set Free Retreat' in the message!

Deadline for Registration

Monday April 13, 2020


Friday Evening Break

Coffee (Decaf available),

Tea and Water


Morning Break:

Muffins, Coffee (Decaf available), Tea and Water



Afternoon Break

Coffee (Decaf available), Tea and Water



Please check back for details regarding the lunch and supper menu

Dietary Restrictions

Please note: Due to the size of the group we will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions but we invite you to bring you own meals along.  If you tag your food with your name we will be glad to store it in refrigerators at the church.

Expectations and Preparation

Some people have powerful freeing experiences at retreats like this.  For others it proves to be a weekend during which great initial steps toward greater freedom are taken.  For still others it takes a few weeks before greater freedom is experienced.  We plan on hosting this retreat repeatedly, so there will be opportunity to take it again.  In addition, there will be small group opportunities available to you after the retreat to help you on your journey.  We are also more than willing to meet with you one-on-one after the retreat.  So, come prepared to enter a journey toward greater freedom.

We encourage you to pray in preparation for the retreat.  Ask God to use the retreat to bring greater freedom.  Ask him to prepare your heart and mind.  Ask Him to make you sensitive to His voice and leading.

Finally, for some this type of retreat may be a new experience, and the temptation might be to come and 'check it out'.  Please, come to participate.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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