/ Children, Seniors and Others Ministries

Worship Service Sundays: 10:30 am

Seniors Ministry

The Senior Fellowship is:
  • A ministry of Christian Fellowship dependent on Jesus Christ.
  • A ministry of Christian Encouragement reinforcing the value of each individual to God.
  • A ministry of Christian Friendship building positive, fulfilling relationships by following the servant example of Jesus.
  • A ministry of Christian Compassion providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support as led and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.
  • A ministry of Christian Outreach, not limiting our focus to members of the congregation, but responding to all people as we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ.

Just some of the things we do:
  1. Provide visitation to the in hospital, home-bound, or in a nursing home/assisted living or retirement facility.
  2. Provide physical needs and meet the transportation needs of seniors for appointments, hospital visits and spouse visitation (if hospitalized)
  3. Monthly luncheons and speakers or activities
  4. End-of-Life care
  5. Provide finances for recreation opportunities at the Nursing Home

To email the coordinators for more information; 

Seniors Luncheon

All seniors are invited to this year's first seniors' luncheon! Hymn Sing at 11:30; Lunch at noon, followed by guest speaker Charlotte Janes. She will represent the Annapolis Valley Regional Library and promote a wide array of resources available to the public!