We are all on a journey

Our Mission: Emmanuel commits to be a community who know Jesus intimately, who grow to be like him, and who intentionally go in love and show His good news.

"Know, Grow and Show Christ."


Engage Your Devotion

Join us on our journey toward a more thriving devotional life by joining the church-wide 'Engage Your Devotion' campaign.  It all starts on February 14 and will run until the end of March.  Find all necessary information right HERE.

Living on Purpose

This winter we are working through the theme of 'Living on Purpose', with the goal of thriving in our relationship with our Saviour.  Messages are available HERE

Families  with a Future

This 12-week ministry will begin again on Wednesday, February 7th. Feel free to encourage any family that would benefit from this to contact Paula Outhouse.

Picture Directory

We will be planning to update the church's picture directory in the upcoming month. Amy Holloway will be taking pictures after services and you will be asked to ensure your contact information is current.


Join us on Thursday mornings in the church library for a time of community prayer.  Come prepared to pray and be prayed for from 9-10 am.