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So often, when we share the Good News of Jesus, we focus on forgiveness of sin.  We say, like Peter on the day of Pentecost, "Repent and be baptized... for the forgiveness of your sins".

But we neglect to tell them about "...the gift of the Holy Spirit". 

In the process we either ignore or devalue to importance of a Spirit-filled life.  And it shows in the way we end up living our lives.

In this series we look at stories from the Book of Acts with the hope that we will surrender to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

"Promise Fulfilled!"

Acts 2:37-39

Pastor Sweis Ubels (May 23/21)

As the Emmanuel family celebrated Pentecost, we discussed how the call to repentance in Act 2:38-39 does not only lead to the forgiveness of sins, but also the gift of the Holy Spirit!

"Transformed Prayer"

Acts 4:23-31

Pastor Sweis Ubels (May 30/21)

How would you describe your prayer life? Is if what you would like it to be?  In this message we look at evidence of transformed prayer after the Spirit filled the believers. Not only were the believers committed to prayer, they are now praying transformed prayers!

"Transformed Generosity"

Acts 4:32-35

Pastor Sweis Ubels (June 6/21)

How generous are you with what God has entrusted to you? And, how has the Spirit changed that part of your life?
In this message, we discover that the Holy Spirit transforms the believers' generosity, creating an incredible 'oneness'. This, in turn, became a living testimony to the community at large.

"Transformed Theology"

Acts 11:1-18

Pastor Sweis Ubels (June 13/21)

How has your theology changed over the years? Or, has it?

In this message, based on the story found in Acts 11:1-18, we look at how the Holy Spirit will even change our theology; especially when it is merely based on human traditions.

"Transformed Worship"

Acts 16:16-34

Pastor Sweis Ubels (June 20/21)

To what degree do your circumstances influence your worship?In this message, we discover that the apostles we able to worship God even in the midst of very painful circumstances. And, their worship had an impact on the people around them! It's an amazing story that will hopefully inspire you to worship, no matter what!

"Transformed Plans"

Acts 16:6-10

Pastor Sweis Ubels (June 27/21)

How open are you to God changing your plans?

In this message we're looking at how both Paul and Phillip's plans were changed by God, even tough there was nothing inherently wrong with what they were doing. And yet, both of them perceived God's leading and obediently went along with it - with marvelous consequences!