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Why Did Jesus Come?

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This is an important question, because what we believe the answer to be will have a huge impact on how we will respond.  And, as the Christian life is all about Christ, we want to respond well!

In this series, preached during the months leading up to Easter 2019 we explore this all-important question.  We hope it will help you in responding well.

"To Be Our Living Hope"

1 Pet 1:3

Pastor Sweis Ubels (April 21/19)

"To Die"

Mark 10:45

Pastor Sweis Ubels (April 19/19)

"For Freedom"

Gal 5:1

Pastor Sweis Ubels (April 14/19)

"To Deal with Sin"

1 John 2:28-3:10

Pastor Sweis Ubels (April 7/19)

"Testify to Truth"

John 18:33-38

Pastor Sweis Ubels (March 31/19)

"Search & Rescue"

1 Tim 1:15; Jn 3:17

Pastor Sweis Ubels (March 24/19)

"The Mission of Jesus"

Luke 4:18-19

Pastor Sweis Ubels (March 17/19)