/ Sermon Series

Worshp Service Sundays: 10:30 am


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the focus of Emmanuel Church is squarely on discipleship.  We continue to meet in small groups for worship, study and accountability, and we pursue this intimate relationship with Jesus.

The book of Matthew contains 5 main teachings by our Master; together they can be seen as a manual for discipleship.   The first teaching is often referred to as the Sermon on the Mount, which, in a way lays a foundation for us in understanding the Kingdom of Heaven. This Sermon on the Mount is the focus of the messages for both our worship services as well as our 'Family Worship' (services specifically produced for families) during the fall of 2020.

We hope these messages are of encouragement and challenge to you! 

"Kingdom Applied?"

Matthew 7:24-29

Pastor Sweis Ubels (Nov.15/20)

Message starts at 38:57

"Here I am Lord"

Matthew 7:13-23

Henk-John Kuipers (Nov.08/20)

Message starts at 38:15

"Kingdom First"

Matthew 7:1-12

Pastor Sweis Ubels (Nov.01/20)

Message starts at 37:15

"Kingdom Flipping"

Matthew 6:19-34

Henk-John Kuipers (Oct.25/20)

Message starts at 39:36


Matthew 6:1-18

Pastor Sweis Ubels (Oct.18/20)

Message starts at 37:35

"Kingdom Values to be Thankful For"

Matthew 5:38-48
Pastor Sweis Ubels (Oct. 11/20)
Message Starts at 27:56 

"A Promise is a Promise"

Matthew 5:27-37

Pastor Sweis Ubels (Oct. 04/20)

Message Starts at 36:19

"Kingdom Morals Explained"
Matthew 5:17-26
Pastor Sweis Ubels (Sept 27/20)
Message Starts at 34:21

"Kingdom Values & Response"
Matthew 5:3-16
Pastor Sweis Ubels (Sept 20/20)
Message Starts at 37:4

"Kingdom Life: An Introduction"
Matthew 5:1-2
Pastor Sweis Ubels (Sept 13/20)
Message starts at 34:5