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Worship Service Sundays at 10:30 am

Elders Districts

Each of our five elders will attempt to oversee the pastoral care of one geographical district. These district elders and boundaries are organized as followed:

NORTH (North of town rail tracks & Brooklyn Rd. Mt. Hanley Rd to Stronach Mt. Rd, North of Hwy 101, West of Victoria Rd.)

Elder – Kim Muirhead (902-242-2158)

EAST (East of Stronach Mt. Rd, South of Hwy 101, East of Victoria Rd., North of River, East of Dodge Rd and Torbrook Rd.)

Elder – Henk-John (902-765-2830 or 902-804-9061 cell)

SOUTH (East of Nictaux Rd. to West of Torbrook Rd., most of Nictaux, Bloomington, Albany, Springfield)

Elder – Pat Harrison (902-825-3669)

WEST (West of Mt. Hanley Rd., South and West of Brooklyn. West of Nictaux Rd, South of Hwy 201, West of Crisp Rd.)

Elder – Cheryl Ferguson (902-584-3092)

MIDDLETON (Rail tracks to Annapolis River; Victoria Rd to Brooklyn Rd.)

Elder – Judi Marshall (902-840-0207)