Worship Service Sundays: 10:30 am


The journey of discovering our purpose will be most effective if we process the readings in community.  To this end we strongly encourage you to either join a small group, or gather with one or two others on a weekly basis for discussion and prayer.

Small Group Options

Tuesdays, Wilmot, 2 pm w/Bill & Colleen Bennett (221 Doge Rd.)

Thursdays, Middleton, 6:30 pm w/ Alice Bond (166 Commercial St. Apt 4)
Fridays, Greenwood, 10 am w/ Kim Muirhead (41 Harley Crt.)

                Middleton, 10:30 am w/ Pastor Sweis (Church Library)
                Bridgetown, 5:30 pm w/ Bernie Ulrich (194 Granville St.)

Video Resources for Small Group & Discussion Leaders

In addition, here are 6 links to Youtube videos for each small group / discussion sessions. The are approximately 23 minutes in length. These videos, too, will be of value in your discussion. If you are leading a discussion, you will do well to watch the video in advance of your meeting.

Week #1 Video

Week #2 Video

Week #3 Video

Week #4 Video

Week #5 Video

Week #6 Video

Leading the discussion...

Suggested outline for your gatherings:

* Time for social interaction

* A welcome and introduction of any new people

* A video with additional teaching on the themes covered

* Discussion of the material read in the previous week

* Time for questions

* Time to pray for each other

Hints for leading the discussion...

Each daily reading from the Purpose Driven Life includes a 'point to ponder' and a 'question to consider'. These points and questions will prove to be a great starting point for a discussion.