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40 Days of Purpose


"It's not about you."

This is how Rick Warren opens the first chapter of his book, The Purpose Driven Life.  If this is indeed true, the question quickly becomes, then what is life all about?  Or, Whom is it all about?

On February 25th, Emmanuel Church embarked on a 40 day journey to consider these questions (and many others).  Individuals are reading daily, discussion groups are meeting weekly, and Sunday services are geared to help us come to terms with the reality that 'it's not about us'.  

Much more information on the journey can be found HERE.
Links to the messages our pastor preached during this journey are listed below.  Enjoy!

'Does God Care? - Made for Mission'
Pastor Sweis Ubels (April 5/20)
Luke 19:41-44

'Shaped for Service'
Pastor Sweis Ubels (March 29/20)

'Created for Christ-Likeness'
Pastor Sweis (March 22/20)
note: this is a video of the whole service

"Formed for God's Family"
Pastor Sweis (March 15/20)

"Planned for God's Pleasure"

Psalm 100

Pastor Sweis Ubels (March 08/20)

"What on Earth Am I Here For?"

Ephesians 1

Pastor Sweis Ubels (March 01/20)